Thursday, August 20, 2009

FIRST MOVERS ADVANTAGE ... Hurry! paid 1100$ So Far

want to introduce you to an amazing new company that is in its Pre-Launch phase, meaning they have not made their name or business details public yet, but they are allowing people to get positioned for free in the early stages . Getting positioned for free means you can get in now at no cost and decide later if you would like to use their services as a customer or join them as a distributor in order to make money.

Here is what I do know: They are an international communications and mobile money transfer social network. They own all of their own technology and have plans to enter into 70 countries world-wide. People can use the company for unlimited free international calling from their cell phones and can also use their cell phones to send money globally at awesome rates.

sign up now and take the first movers advantage like me

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