Friday, August 29, 2008

Trying to DownLoad FREE Music Know the Basics Here On Burning Music CD´s

If you're reading this section there are two main reasons. First, there is not enough space on your computers hard drive to download more songs, and you don't want to delete your old songs. Second, you want to listen to music downloads on the road, CD player, MP3 player, or an IPOD. Is this possible? Yes, you can now burn MP3's to CDs and listen to music on the road, on your iPOD, MP3 player, and just about anywhere MP3 format is accepted, and yes save space on your computers hard drive without deleting old music. So how do your burn or copy music? Let's go over some basics first. There are two types of CD discs in the industry for CD burners, CDR and CDRW.
CDR's can be burned only once and our permanent, as CDRW is a CD Rewriteable, and can be re-used over and over. With CD-RW's you can delete old music files and burn new music. CDR's are the cheapest compared to CDRW's. It's important to keep in mind that new recorders accept both forms of CD's, though older recorders only accept CDR's. Also, keep in mind that there are discs that are for music use only, these discs can only be used in stereos style burners at home. These discs may not work with your burner software or CD burner. It's better to go with CDR's or CDRW's.
It's very important that your PCs System Memory (RAM), can send audio data to your recorder. Your processor will perform well anywhere from 64 MB to 128 MB of RAM.
Ok, let's talk about the good stuff and how one knows if they can burn a CD or not from their computer. Most computers today come with a CD burner drive. Sometimes there are two CD discs drives, and some times only one. If you only have one drive then check the labels on the drive to see if it reads CD rewriteable. If you still don't know, then check the computers Users Manual. If you are still having trouble contact the manufacture of your PC and supply them with the computers model number. If you don't have a CD burner drive you can purchase an external writeable CD drive from any electronic store.
There are many CD burner software on the web. Usually when you find good software the tendency is to stay with it. You computer should already come with Windows Media Player or Realone Player, or both. Before you begin to burn music onto your CDs, make sure you have the latest version of Windows Media Player or a Realone Player as the steps below are for the latest version. You can also install Roxio CD Creator, this application will require you to register for a free trial period.
It is very important that you understand, the CDs you burn should not be for resale value, and not to be claimed as your own music. Most songs that you download will be in MP3 format which will be used in any portable devise.

Burn Music using Windows Media Player
  1. Put a blank CD-R or CD-RW in your CD burner tray.
  2. Open Window's Media Player.
  3. You will now see a list of songs on your computer.
  4. Click the COPY TO CD OR DEVISE button.
  5. Select the songs you would like to record.
  6. Click the RECORD button.

Burn Music using Roxio CD Creator

  1. Place a blank CD-R or CD-RW in your CD burner tray.
  2. Open Roxio CD Creator.
  3. Click the MAKE A MUSIC CD button.
  4. Now, click the MUSIC CD PROJECT.
  5. Go to the music folder or drive where your music is placed. (Click the "Select Source file" drop down menu to navigate to the appropriate folder) .
  6. Click the song you would like.
  7. Now, click the ADD button (this will move your selected song to the bottom row).
  8. Do this until you have selected all the songs that you want to burn.
  9. You have the *option to title the CD and the artist.
  10. You can now, click the RECORD button.11. You will now be taken to "Record CD Setup" screen. Select your options and click START RECORDING

Burn Music Using Realone Player

  1. Place a blank CD-R or CD-RW in your CD burner tray.
  2. Open Realone player.
  3. Click the MY LIBRARY button.
  4. Now, click PLAYLIST.
  5. Select the playlist that has your song.
  6. Select the song you want to burn.
  7. Click the BURN CD button.

Copy Music CD's

With a CD burner you also have the option to copy your old CD's or new CDs for personal use. As you can see, a CD burner is a great invention, which allows us to listen to music not only on the computer, but car, train, plane, and while walking. You can sleep, talk, and breathe music!!! You can copy CD's using Windows Media Player, Roxio CD Creator, Realone Player, as well. There are other copying software available on the web. We will only discuss the process of copying CD's using Windows Media Player.

Copy Music CD's using Windows Media Player

Copy Music Files from an Audio CD:

  1. Place the Audio CD in the CD burner tray.
  2. Open Windows Media Player.
  3. Click COPY FROM CD, and then select the drive from which you want to copy. In most cases if your C Drive unless you're on a network with many drives.
  4. Select each music file that you wish to copy. (All files that you have not already copied are selected by default).
  5. Click COPY MUSIC. By default all music files will be stored in the directory "My Documents\My Music" folder.

Prepare a Easy Receipe for Busy Day


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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

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Thursday, August 7, 2008

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