Monday, December 13, 2010

Save Bengal and Bengali a call of time

Hello all bengali brother and sister . All uncle, aunt all grand father and grand mother,
all singers,NRI,writer,actor,singer,Politician,educationalist,scientist,researcher everybody who love Bengal,who really love and respect the bengali language . This is the time to get up and save the planet´s most nice and friendly place . Day by day there is os much chaos are happening in Bengal . Bengali´s are becoming more and more away from the bengal . Due to facing hard life with critical situation and fighting for Survival . If I had said something wrong please forgive me . I am apologising as when I see back my childhood it was so happiest moment there.Now those happiness is no more found. We must be united more and work out . We have greater success in whole world now we must be successful in this mission . There are really lots of talented people around the world who are from Bengal,who really loves Bangla . But due to the current sitution not feeling to return back . So we must work now and try to save the place where atleast our next Generation loves to live . See the people of the other Part of the world how much they Love their motherland . Can´t we able to be same as them .

Sometimes I feel that the time will be changed and people will be liked to live there without any kind of hesitation . Only we need to make it more nice and that can be possible by us who really Loves the Bangla and hopes the best for Bangla. I wish to take the opportunity to invite you on this Topic to speak out. How we like to be Bangla ? We can start working for it now I am not asking to start another Political party to form. But really to think for Bangla now . This is WEST BENGAL a place there are lots of Nobel born will we let it to be finish before our eyes . Can´t we do anything for it ????

I have several plan in my mind .

They are like as below . You can put any comments regarding this if I am wrong or right .If you like or dislike ? Please let me know .

I wish the place kolkata & West Bengal will be clean without any Polution . If the other countries can adapt the alternative sources to Protect the environment. Why can´t we?

I wish we have very powerful resource of people . We have experts people in their specific field . We must try to work and give support to others.Much more effecient than other countries.

I wish we must not work by seeing in Political angle . As we must consider same .

I will try to add more wishes regularly in the meantime if you have any idea please don´t hesitate to share . Just put in comments if it is really useful we will publish and let you know .