Monday, May 11, 2009

Prepare Spagetti In Vegetarian style

Yes now here is good news for Vegertarian people . Who like spagetti they can prepare it with Vegetables too.

You need this ingreditents to Prepare a Vegetarian Spagetti Dish ,

200 Grams Spagetti
2 Medium size Potato
1 Medium carrot
2 Capsicum
3 Tablespoon Oil
Small cumin
Salt & Sugar as per requirement
Green Peas 100 grams.

Now take make the spagetti in small Pieces then put then in boiling water .
Then cut potato,Capsicum and carrot in small Pieces .
Then put the spagetti out from boiling water don't let it to be too much soft .
Then fry the potato,Capsicum and carrot in the Oil with some Spices as per your choice. You can use cumin powder,corrinder powder,with small Fenkyl Powder and Turmeric .
When it become littlebit fried then pour spagetti . Make sure you drain all the water . Then mix all properly with salt & sugar as per needs .
Use small water say half cup of a Small cup to mix all things properly .

Now the Vegetarian Spagetti is ready . You can use more vegetables here like brocoulli.

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