Thursday, April 16, 2009

SOYA Amrit Rosa /Queen delight ( A Light Vegetarian Receipe)

I had really done a great job Yesterday . It was a Lifetime Opoortunity for me . I had cooked a Vegetarian Meal that is not only delicious . But containing lightness and at the sametime containing the Nutrition. The name I had given is Nice SOYA Amrit Rosa/ Queen delight . Maybe the 2 words are different but feelings are same . now enough I had spoken about me let me to share with you .Cooking is my hobby and I am going to present when I can .

This is for 2 Adult person .

Contents :

Potato - 4 Big Size
Soya - 200 Grams
Sour Milk - 150 ml
Capsicum- 1 big
Butter - Small Portion say 20 grms
Salt - 1 small spoon
Sugar - 1 Big Spoon
A Casarola for baking
Spice : Corrinder powder a pinch
Asfatida powder a Pinch

Procedure :

Boil the Potato & soya for 20 Minutes , make then out peel and make it cool . Then with a grater . Grate the potato , after doing this make out the soya . Then squeeze the soya completely to make it dry . Then add the potato ,soya in the casarola with sour milk add in it the spices , salt and sugar as per the need . Then put the butter and mix it well with a Big Spoon . Then put the casrola in the Oven for baking upto 30 minutes . Make it out from the oven and then stir it with spoon and serve . It can be delicious meal.

Total time taken is 50 say one Hour and meal is ready .

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