Saturday, October 11, 2008

Great Tips and Know how for MS OUTLOOK user

If you are everyday using MS OUTLOOK then this a most Important Part of your Job. If you know this nuts and guts then you can OverLOOK it . But if you need some help then take it from us for FREE . Today I wish to discuss about the OUTLOOK . How you can use it and how you can manage an Important Mistake . Yes that is true . Often we delete from our Inbox or archive . Then all we know it stay in Trash . If you delete from Trash also . Then what to do ? Here is what we will show you how you can get it back.

First you have to remember what to recover.
Then highlight : DELETED ITEMS==== then click TOOLS=== then you will get OPTION RECOVER DELETED ITEMS=== then click the ENVELOPE (TO RECOVER).

Also if you have trouble to send Email or Receive Email . Before contacting the the Helpdesk You need the History . If your Email was returning that means it had travelled lots of server . So to get that History how you will get it . What you can do HIGHLIGHT the EMAIL returned then rightclick==== then OPTION=== You will get the Page Message options. There you can see the Header all details History.

Other than that what ever Problem you Face you can see the Following Links for more help.



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